About Filhol Dental

The Filhol company, founded in 1923 by J.P. Filhol, was initially involved in the jewel-bearing industry. The skills of precision engineering and attention to detail allowed the business to expand to include production of fine-turned parts for the electrical, electronic, medical and dental industries.

Since 1980, Stuart Filhol concentrated on the development and production of dental products. Filhol Dental was first to use pure (99.8%) titanium in the production of FILPIN Dentine Retention pins and FILPOST Endodontic root canal posts that may be customized to fit the tooth. Based in Ireland, Filhol Dental has received the ISO 9001 certification for its high standards of production.

FILPIN Retention Pin and FILPOST Parapulpal Post – designed and engineered by FILHOL DENTAL, manufacturers of precision instruments for over 75 years.


FILPIN restoration retention system -‘ better by design’

The late Stuart Filhol founded Filhol Dental, that for more than 30 years has been recognised as a leader in pin and post technology. Stuart was credited with being first to identify the benefits of using pure titanium in the production of FILPIN retention pins and FILPOST Endodontic root canal posts. He was also instrumental as an innovator in the manufacture of fine turned parts for the dental industry. Since Stuart’s passing his wife,  filled his position as managing director and with a dedicated team continues to build on the excellent reputation created by her husband.

Filhol Dental is a company prized by its customers for its ability to work with difficult or challenging materials and finishes. The finer manufacturing work was moved in 1970 to Ireland, from Warwick, UK to focus on the production of its patented parapulpal dentine pins originally made from stainless steel. Following Stuart’s research into finding the best materials he became the first manufacturer of dentine pins to use pure titanium. Pure titanium is recommended as the most biocompatible grade for the body implants, therefore, it was the best decision for use in the production of the Filhol products. This focus on dental solutions enabled Filhol to move from a manufacturer of components for other companies to a manufacturer of pin and post products in its own right and it is recognised as being one of the leaders in its field.

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