Perfect product for all pin needs. Self-threading, self-aligning Filpin speeds and eases placement.


Aids retention by root post and core buildup. Unique passive interlocking system. Saves time.

Filpin & Filpost Dental Retention Systems
Better By Design

FILPIN - Dentine Parapulpal Retention Pin System

Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report - Filpin

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FILPIN, designed engineered to make placement easier, faster, safer, stronger. The shaft is 99.8% pure titanium, biocompatible, compatible with all dental materials and will not corrode...

FILPIN is to be considered whenever core build-up is used and less than one half of a coronal tooth structure remaining. Bonding alone is not sufficient in many situations were minimal tooth structure is present. Pins provide anti-rotational benefit when a single post is used.

Filhol Dental Retention Pin

Anatomical   •   Adjustable   •   Secure

FILPOST - Endodontic Root Canal Post System

Filpost preserves more healthy tooth structure, is stronger in use due to its unique passive 'interlocking' system. Filpost can be easily customized to suit the canal without risk of fracture, enabling easy insertion of multiple posts into converging canals. Filpost is the only prefabricated post system that can be customised to suit the restoration.

Filhol Dental Retention Post