Filpost – by Filhol Dental

Filpost – Endodontic Root Canal Post

FILPOST – For the retention of restorations for root post and core buildup. Save time and use the only prefabricated endodontic post system that can be customised to suit restorations. Filpost can be bent and shortened without risk of fracture, enabling easy insertion of multiple posts into converging canals. Easier to place, even in difficult cases, in a faster, safer manner with more preserving of healthy tooth structure and it strengthens retention via its unique passive ‘interlocking’ system. A metal parapulpal post system, of 99.8% pure titanium, is biocompatible and compatible with all dental materials. No drilling required during placement thus avoiding risk of perforation. Its anatomical shape minimises dentine removal.  Retention grooves along the post, working together with retention grooves formed within the canal surface, by the special Universal Groover, create a unique passive interlock that strengthens retention. Available in two sizes. Available from your Dental Dealer

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