About Filhol Dental

FILPIN Retention Pin and FILPOST Endodontic Post – designed and engineered by FILHOL DENTAL, manufacturers of precision instruments for over 75 years.

Filpin - Better by design

Filhol Dental has designed and made Filpin and Filpost for 40 years.

The Filhol Dental story is one of dedicated people running a precision manufacturing company with unique, high quality, and clinically effective products.

Stuart Filhol’s father, Julian, set up his company in Leamington Spa, U.K., in 1923, importing synthetic sapphires to make jewel-bearings for precision instruments.

Stuart was an engineering apprentice in Switzerland until he took over the company as a young man in his early 20’s. He employed over 100 people manufacturing precision devices such as heart meters and parts for the supersonic Concorde.

He decided to manufacture products of his own invention when he moved to Ireland in 1970 and progressed into the dental business.

From hip manufacturers he discovered that titanium – strong yet pliable –
is the material most biocompatible with the human body. Stuart was the first to to use 99.8% pure titanium for parapulpal retention pins and endodontic root canal posts, Filpin and Filpost.

Founder Stuart believed in simplicity in design and in his successful business model.


The main products are Filpost and Filpin. Both are Filhol Dental’s patented designs.

Filpin (dentine retention pin) has been on the market for more than 40 years. It has been designed and engineered to be faster and easier to place even in difficult cases, safer to place by reducing the risk of tooth cracking and crazing, and stronger in use via its unique ‘retentive’ thread.

Engineered to provide the most advanced dentine retention pin design and performance, Filpin is made of 99.8% titanium for complete biocompatibility and compatibility with all dental materials.

Designed to be fast and easy to use, even in difficult places, Filpin will neither discolour nor corrode and can be bent as required with total confidence. Filpin shanks are autoclavable and may be reloaded many times with Filpin spare pin inserts.

Filpost (root canal post) is the only prefabricated post system that can be customised to suit the restoration for root post and core build up. It can be bent and shortened without risk of fracture, enabling easy insertion of multiple posts into converging canals. Filpost preserves healthy tooth structure and is stronger in use due to its unique passive ‘interlocking’ system.

Easier to place, even in difficult cases, no drilling is required during placement due to the special ‘Universal Groover’, which minimises dentine removal and creates a unique passive interlock that strengthens retention.

There are just two sizes reducing the need for high stock levels.

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