Filpin – by Filhol Dental

Filpin – Dentine Parapulpal Retention System

FILPIN – The perfect product for all dentine retention pulpal pin requirements that provides maximum advantages without compromising safety, dentine integrity or retention. The shaft is of 99.8% pure titanium that will not corrode, is more flexible, biocompatible and compatible with all dental materials. The self-threading, self-aligning FIPIN speeds and eases placement for self-shearing first time, every time, once optimum depth is reached. Where minimal tooth structure is present pins are recommended to enhance chemical bonding provided by adhesives. After insertion, FILPIN can be easily bent to suit the restoration without breaking it or the tooth. Its Unique thread design maximizes retention strength without causing internal stresses that may lead to cracking or crazing. Available for use by handpiece or hand placement and in two sizes. Available from your Dental Dealer.

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